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I believe that a happier more productive world starts with mid-life women being empowered to direct their own physical and mental health.  So, I help perimenopausal women go from frazzled to fabulous.  Allowing them to spend their next 30+ years in good health, enjoying everything that life has to offer.

My mission is to help women see menopause as a time of change and renewal

A time to feel and be fabulous and unleash your inner Wonder Woman.

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You'll find lots of great, free resources to help you beat the symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause and get back to feeling fabulous

A - Z of Perimenopause and Beyond (Videos)

Here’s some mini videos (<2 minutes) about the peri-menopause & beyond or you can grab the ebook version

3 Top Tips to Help Manage Anxiety at Christmas

Grab your FREE 3 Top Tips to managing anxiety at Christmas.  This is a challenging time for many people as they feel that they have to create the 'perfect' Christmas and can often lead to anxiety and overwhelm.  Here are 3 easy to implement tips and a bonus tool to help you manage Christmas your way and have more time to spend enjoying it with friends and family

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